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Artist: Audrey Assad

Brand: Tone Tree Records


  • Evergreen - Audrey Assad

Number Of Discs: 1

Publisher: Fortunate Fall Recs

Release Date: 2018-02-23

Details: 2018 release. Evergreen stems from a season of renewed creativity for Assad. Forging through the flames of personal pain in the deepest corners of her broken heart, new songs of rebirth, identity, the rebuilding of trust and discovery of joy and love have taken shape. "Faith and belief are not things that come easily to me at all. It's become one of the battles of my life to not feel ashamed about that," admits Assad. "I lose my faith a lot, and find it over-and-over again," she continues. "The best picture I can come up with to describe what's it's like is that sometimes when I look inside my heart, it looks like a burned-out forest -bare branches everywhere and destruction. But there's always a tree in the middle and it's evergreen. It's the tree of life. That's what I hold onto when I'm feeling lost. 'Drawn to You' is a song about what I find at the bottom of the pile of my fears, my anxiety, my belief and my unbelief; I find that, at the end of every day, in every season, I am still drawn to God.

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