Decide with whom you are camping. If it is just you or your family, you probably will be the one in charge since you are reading this. But if you are going with friends, I highly recommend invite friends who have more camping experience if you are going  for the first time.  At least, you will have someone to learn from and meanwhile have your own time to enjoy.
What You'll Need. You will need few basic things to camp.
1. A Tent --- I recommend buying a bigger tent than your group number. For a group of 4, I will buy a tent that can at least fit 6-8 people. Why? Tent size assume you are on the sleeping position, you want a tent that allow you stand up inside and have extra space to move. Beside, the price difference is not that much. Check out this pop-up which allow you to set up the tent by yourself.
As for myself, I use this for a family of 4. Check it out -->
Don't over pack.
Load everything into your car and hit the road!
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